To Siet, precision means skill and competency before all else. Our expertise stems from both passion and a commitment to excellence. The utilisation of cutting edge technology to produce superior quality parts in the sectors we work in, with the added value of Italian manufacturing for plastics, metals and alloys.

Macchine CN:
• Centro di lavoro DMG DMU105 MONOBLOCK, 5 assi continui, corse X1050, Y1050, Z900
• Centro di lavoro DMG DMU80 MONOBLOCK, 5 assi continui, corse X800, Y600, Z600
• Centro di lavoro DMG DMC65 MONOBLOCK, 5 assi continui, corse X650, Y650, Z600 CON 6 PALLET
• Centro di lavoro DMG DMU50 MONOBLOCK, 5 assi continui, corse X550, Y550, Z500
• Fresa da attrezzisti CB FERRARI A15, 5 assi continui, corse X800, Y400, Z400
• Centro di lavoro QUASAR verticale, corse X1020, Y610, Z610, tavola girevole continua
• Centro di lavoro MIYANO a 3 assi, corse X500, Y300, Z300
• Tornio-Fresa STAR a 9 assi completo di spingibarra, lavorazioni da pinza max. 32 mm oppure mandrino da 100 mm
• Tornio-Fantina mobile STAR SR20J completo di spingibarra, lavorazioni da pinza max. 20
• Tornio cn TAKISAWA a 2 assi, tornibile diametro 450 mm, lunghezza 710 mm
• Tornio cn CMZ TA-15-YS-640 con contromandrino asse Y e utensili motorizzati fino 12000 giri e caricatore barre
• Tornio cn Citizen L220-X_LFV a Fantina MobileCNC a 8 Assi
• Laser per marcare-incidere Fibra 20W, testa galvanometrica completo di asse rotante per pezzi cilindrici

Macchine Manuali:
• Tornio parallelo visualizzato GRAZIANO SAG12, tornibili diametro 350 mm, lunghezza 700 mm
• Tornio parallelo visualizzato PADOVANI LABOR255, tornibili diametro 600 mm, lunghezza 1000 mm
• Fresa tradizionale visualizzata RAMBAUDI, corse X800, Y400, Z500
• Rettifica per diametri interni ed esterni TACCHELLA, diametro max. 250 mm, lunghezza 600 mm
• Rettifica per piani ALPA 400×200
• Rettifica per piani ALPA 600×300
• Affilatrice universale TACCHELLA
• Lapidello con piano girevole diametro 400 mm
• Stozza per eseguire sedi chiavetta su pezzi fino a 700 mm di diametro
• Sega automatica SHARK per tagli fino a 330 mm di diametro
• Attrezzature varie, trapani da banco e a colonna, filettatrici, troncatrice, saldatrice, buratto, ecc

Attrezzature di misura e controllo:
• Macchina di misura DEA MISTRAL 1000x700x700 testa a 2 assi RENISHAW software PC-DIMIS 2014
• Altimetro MITUTOYO LH-600 motorizzato
• Rugosimetro MITUTOYO SURFTEST SJ-210
• Micrometri, alesametri, altimetri, blocchetti, tamponi, ecc.
Queste apparecchiature sono installate in una stanza specifica per i collaudi, con temperatura controllata.

Sofware per la progettazione e produzione:
• VISI CAD-CAM della VERO per la modellazione solida 3D e la programmazione delle macchine a controllo numerico.
• WorkPlan Solutions per l’organizzazione della produzione
• Adhoc Revolution per l’amministrazione


Superior standards of quality and safety, as well as the use of 5-axis machining centers
has positioned SIET as a trusted leader in mechanical processing in the aerospace field.

Our highly skilled and specialised staff, and the use of spindles and high efficiency performance tools make Siet a trusted leader in the supply and sub-supply of unique parts and precision components in the aerospace field.


Siet offers superior tailored solutions to our clients, helping them improve their technical production and overall process control.

With our high performance numerical control machines SIET produces individual components as well as new machines to improve existing technologies used in automation processes for the most demanding clients.


The biomedical field is defined by persistent innovation, new materials and new technologies. Success in this field requires competent and highly specialized suppliers, strengthened by strategic partnerships.

For over 10 years, SIET has collaborated with leading laboratories and companies in the biomedical field by supplying precision components for the production of medical devices and products used in diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation.


In a continuously evolving sector which requires more and more adaptability and transversal skills, Siet keeps pace with new standards and technology in the energy sector. SIET offers its customers highly qualified and competitive technical support, remaining ahead of the curve of innovation.

Among many other products, we manufacture special parts for turbines and engines meeting the customised needs of the customer.


For over twenty years Siet has collaborated with leading Italian and multinational companies as a Made in Italy brand, which in addition to having strong regional tradition and prestige, continues to be an international standard.

Over the years we have developed new devices and superior unique parts for spinning machines and looms. Remaining at the forefront in development of new technological solutions for the textile sector, SIET today holds 2 patents for invention and actively continues R&D in the hosiery sector.


Our passion drives us to offer the most ambitious and innovative solutions within the automotive and motorcycle sectors.

Siet offers customised prototypes and special parts for automobiles and motorcycles, including components specially designed for moto racing that requiring precision machining to create.