SIET has been supplying products and services in the precision mechanics sector since 2007.

Driven by passion and drawing from prior experience in diverse branches of its field, in a few years SIET has managed to grow, fortify, and assert itself as the standard for reliability, quality and versatility, even as a relatively new and emergent company.

Siet has always upheld its primary objective to provide customers with superior performance in terms of feasibility, cost effectiveness, time and flexibility, and has obtained excellent results even in difficult years.


We are committed to continuous technological optimisation and organizational improvement. With this commitment, we are poised to meet the challenges that the future will bring, together with our clients.

Our Aim:

  • We aim to be trusted, expert suppliers of superior customized products, providing the customer with the most streamlined, hassle-free experience possible.
  • We aim to remain at the forefront of developing new and innovative solutions, and to honor and respect our distinguished partnerships

To Achieve this we will:

  • Remain forever ready for continued professional improvement, as individuals and as a team
  • Actively seek opportunities in new fields and solve new challenges with creativity, enthusiasm as a cohesive team
  • Embrace and learn from feedback and constructive criticism
  • Become industry leaders and remain a point of reference for our customers
  • Align closely with our partners, transmitting to them our customers’ expectations and guaranteeing satisfaction.

We are proud of the work we do and we are always growing and improving. We expect each of our customers to be proud to use our products.


The trust that our customers renew us every day is our strength and our pride.