Siet Meccanica is a trusted leader in precision mechanics. From aerospace components to biomedical technology, Siet offers a wide range of solutions in the production of prototypes, pre-series components and individual pieces.


Precision components tailored to the customer’s request. Sophisticated in-house technology allows for the production of superior, unique pieces and components used in diverse industries, from biomedical to fashion. Through years of experience, Siet has perfected the skills necessary to be the best supplier of mechanical parts for the defense and aerospace sectors, which are our primary focus.


Product optimization and prototyping in metal alloys and plastics using a state of the art and constantly updated fleet of machines. Using the most advanced technology, Siet optimizes and streamlines production processes.
Certification UNI-EN ISO 9001: 2015 (Reg. Nr. IT-88807 IGQ 2P06